Welcome to Detours

Welcome to Detours, a fresh podcast at the intersection of media makers and current affairs. Our aim is to give you the story behind singular works of journalism — the investigative scoop, breakthrough documentary or a monumental magazine feature — and a better sense of the people who make them, from the names you know to the names you ought to know. Seasoned staffers and unsung freelance mavericks. The fancy author and the humble fixer. The globe-trotting conflict photographer and the crusading local journalist, and everyone in between.

In an era of great uncertainty and widespread media cynicism, the show will offer an intimate look at the relationship between the story and the storyteller. Guests will unpack how they got to where they are, what makes them tick, and how they operate in the field and at home, while reflecting on the impact their work is having on both audiences and their own lives. They will serve as a prism to explore distant, overlooked, or complex crises. Above all, we want to showcase those who are charting a brave and entrepreneurial path in the face of major challenges, to deliver stories that matter.